WFS Interview - Our CEO Serdar Yıldız on Data and Automation in Football

Mr Yıldız underlined the importance of data automation in football and how SportsERP can offer this to the Sports entities thanks to its uniqueness and exclusivity.

SAP or other ERP systems are perfect for logistics and production with complex systems,” Yildiz continues, “but in sports clubs, things aren’t so complicated. What is important is managing the contracts.  If you manage the contracts well, you control at least 90% of a club. That’s the most important element; you have contracts in broadcast rights, sponsorship revenues, ticketing, UEFA revenues, players, transfers, agents… Fenerbahce experienced how difficult it is to build a sports-specific solution on top of a large ERP system from the beginning, so I decided to try it by myself, and they told me that they would buy it if it was useful. And in the Summer of 2015, I built a team and spent one year analysing the sector and studying the situation with developers and software architects. Then we started to build the system. We asked the biggest clubs in Europe what system they were using, and it was basically Microsoft Dynamics, sometimes SAP or a local solutions provider for accounting and finance. And for the rest, they all use MS Excel spreadsheets to manage sports-specific parts. That continues to be the situation, unfortunately, today in the biggest clubs. The same happened in the NBA, NFL clubs, MLS clubs – there was nothing like this in the United States sports environment.

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