Player Screen

Player Screen, as a main screen of the system, plays critical role in the software. With the help of data integration, users easily access fixtures, results, player performance information and other public data. The contracts (player, transfer and agents) are monitored after they are transformed into parametric values in the system.

The combination of integrated data and parametric contracts creates automatic calculations and reports for player management. Dashboards make life easier and smarter for managers in their daily lives and decision processes.

Broadcasting Screen

Broadcasting system has ready revenue information with regards to domestic and international competitions. At the beginning of the season users can see the revenue pools in the competitions and can simulate club’s revenues with expected sportive results. During the season, system calculates revenues and accruals according to match results.

Match-Day Screen

Integrated match-day revenues allows users to monitor numerical, demographic, behavioral analysis of fans for both season and match-day figures.

Dashboards help managers to understand the best pricing methods and to determine the right marketing campaigns in order to attract more fans into stadiums and to create more revenue.

Sponsor Screen

Sponsor Screen generates the list of all possible advertising places with all details. After the transformation of sponsorship contracts into parametric values, system monitors the contracts and send reminders according to user needs.

Dashboards and reports help managers to analyze revenue streams and to give right decisions.

Facility Screen

Facilities are important assets of sports clubs and this screen allows users to gather all type of information of all facilities.

LED boards, pitch formation, scoreboards and other inventories are created and maintenance and operating details are managed in the system. Moreover, continuous and match-day service contracts are managed under the system.

Finance Screen

Cash flow projections help finance managers to foresee their financial needs and sources. Loans, bank guarantees and other financial tools are easier to manage and analyze.

Other Screens

Sports Library gives the chance to users to access sportive regulations, studies, publications in the system.

Sports Calendar is fed by SportsERP team with the FIFA, UEFA, ECA and other sportive events. Fixtures, contract reminders are fed automatically by the system. Entering club’s events gives the chance for the clubs ready and full calendar.

Tax Screen can be fed automatically via e-government facilities if supported. Sports tax guide can be filled-in and managed by clubs.

Management Dashboards

Managers can easily simulate club’s year end financials with fast what-if scenarios. Changing the sportive, economic and transfer expectations gives managers the seasonal financial forecasts and compliance with financial fair play regulations.

Benchmark studies are ready for managers with public clubs.

Financial, sportive and commercial dashboards help managers to understand club’s situation easiest, fastest and smartest way.

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