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The Smartest Way to Manage Sports

SportsERP is the unique and smartest sports management software for sports clubs

SportsERP is an end to end sports management solution for sports clubs, our innovative and unique solution dedicated to sports professionals for better data-driven decisions for the club’s daily challenges.

Since 2016 we continuously improved the SPORTS ERP solution to optimize the day-to-day administrative management for all sports data aspects.

The all-in-one solution offers a unique user experience in the approach between technical, administrative, medical, recruiting staff, and players by interactive monitoring, communication and evaluation tools based on new-generation technologies and algorithms.


• Easy Access with cloud technology

• Localized solutions and language support

• Time and cost saving structure

• Ready know how and R&D

• Revenue increase with detailed analysis

• Performance tests with big data

• Innovative managerial solutions

• Artificial intelligence moves the club to the future

• Continuous development with user contributions

• Benchmark with other clubs

What We Solve

• Lack of contract monitoring

• Multiple and inconsistent archives

• Ineffective data and document flow

• Multiple entry of same data

• Lack of standard reporting

• The need of shared know how

• Expensive customized solution trials

• Lack of wholistic approach in sports management

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